HIGHLIGHTS: Summer School 2019

September 27, 2019

The SACIDS Foundation for One Health joined forces with Pirbright Institute and The European Commission for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (EuFMD/FAO HQ) to convene the 4th Summer School from 16–20 September 2019 with the overarching theme of ‘Vaccines, Vaccination and Post Vaccination Monitoring’.

During the 4-day training, participants shared knowledge and experience in livestock vaccines, vaccination and post vaccination monitoring as well as enhancing their research skills and develop proposals for field based studies to be carried out in the Eastern and Southern African region.

The training involved a field trip to Kongwa ranch aimed at having practical experience on disease treatment and vaccination records. Despite of discrepancies in vaccine records, the Ranch was found to have a proper data records whereby the participants advised on rectifying the mistakes in data recording.

Participants developed four research proposals that could be implemented in their countries namely Design of small-scale immunogenicity studies (which might include vaccine matching with circulating strains vs vaccine strains), Design of a field study to evaluate immune response, coverage, level of protection and duration of Immunity, Design of Field studies to assess vaccine effectiveness using a retrospective approach and Designing pilots for a vaccination programme.


Earlier on, participants completed the e-Learning course on “Vaccines, Vaccination and Post Vaccination Monitoring” that was offered by EuFMD aimed at contributing to FMD preparedness and control efforts.

According to Director of Veterinary Services in the Tanzanian Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development Dr. Hezron Nonga who officiated the workshop, the participants will gain knowledge and skills on the control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease in the Region.

“Tanzania is aiming at formulating task force that will transform our mind set on the control of Fout-and-Mouth Disease to a new approach that is practical, sustainable and impactful,” said Dr Nonga. Tanzanian Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries is planning to establish a factory for production of FMD vaccines using the 5 Serotypes of virus available in the country.

This year’s participants were veterinarians working in central government veterinary services and researchers from Tanzania, Botswana, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Uganda and Zimbabwe.












This Summer School is funded under a research grant led by the Pirbright Institute, organised by SACIDS Foundation for One Health and funded by the BBSRC “Global Challenges Research Fund, Strategic Training Awards for Research Skills Programme (GCRF-STARS)”.


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