SACIDS works with many groups, including supporters and donors. But our priority is long-term engagement with academic and research institutions. We are also specifically committed to working with communities and the public to create meaningful engagement.

Communities. In all our areas of work, we at SACIDS ensure to engage the communities and inform them of our works through meetings, workshops and outreach activities.

Government Ministries and Agencies. We work with responsible Ministries and related agencies in member countries, for example the Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and Local Government Authorities (LGAs) in Tanzania, on animal and human health.

Academic Institutions. We have access to network-wide institutional expertise, equipment and laboratories to ensure institutional capacity development.

Research Institutions. We work with strategic research institutions that contribute to scientific research that promotes policy dialogue and contributes to regional development.

National, Regional and International Organisations. At national level, each participating institution forms a National Centre for Infectious Disease Surveillance (NatCIDS). At regional level, SACIDS member institutions work together towards One Health, seeking to extend its membership to the rest of the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

At the international level we work closely with our Founding Smart Partner Institutions and we are expanding our Smart Partnership network in order to tap into global expertise both in other regions of the South (e.g. with South-east Asia in our work on preparedness analysis and use of mobile telephones in disease surveillance) and in the “North” e.g. with Hokkaido University Centre for Zoonotic Diseases in Japan.

Media. We realise how important the media in Africa is in catalysing positive change thus working them to inform the public and leaders, reaching areas that are often impenetrable and create inclusion in driving development. Our partnerships and alliances are important to our approach.