Techno-Health Surveillance Newsletter Volume 3, Number 7&8, August 2018

September 26, 2018

Dear reader,


The Editorial Committee welcomes you to Volume 3, Number 7 & 8 of the TechnoHealth Surveillance. In this issue, we share the following:

-SACIDS to support Zanzibar to strengthen its disease surveillance programme.

-Integration of Event-based surveillance integration into Health Management Information System

-SACIDS showcased its research and training activities during the Nane Nane exhibitions in Morogoro

-Strategies to strengthen Event-based surveillance in the cross-border ecosystems

We look forward to your feedback and comments on this and other issues of TechnoHealth Surveillance.

You are kindly requested to share with us stories on health-related events occurring in humans, animals and environment for the sustainability of our newsletter.

We wish you a happy reading.

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