The Fleming Fund Regional Grant

Project Summary:

1. Background

1.1. Ending Pandemics (a project of Tides Center) entered into an agreement with Mott MacDonald Limited on August 14, 2019 to improve laboratory capacity for diagnosis and surveillance of anti-microbial resistance (“AMR”) in low-income countries where AMR has a disproportionate impact (the “Agreement”), attached as Appendix A.

1.2. Ending Pandemics is responsible for overall programme and financial management, donor reporting, and global strategic partner engagement. It will also be responsible for disbursing and managing sub-grants and sub-contracts in furtherance of the Agreement. As part of the overall programme management under the Agreement, Ending Pandemics facilitates a network called Connective Organizations for Regional Disease Surveillance (CORDS) which strives to detect and control the spread of infectious diseases by catalyzing exchange and collaboration among surveillance systems globally.

1.3. A Program Steering Committee (PSC)- comprised of Ending Pandemics, CORDS’s networks experts (or thought leaders) and representatives from all sub-Host institutions, Fleming Fund, and other relevant strategic stakeholders- will be established to provide program oversight and ensure effective program delivery and sustainability. The PSC will meet quarterly via teleconference.

1.4. Technical Working Groups (TWG) will also be established, comprised of technical experts and representatives of all consortium partners, sub-grantees, sub-contractors, and other relevant regional stakeholders, as identified in the Agreement, to inform development and implementation of program activities in each region. These will also participate in exchanges in and between different regions, through meetings, conferences, and other opportunities for AMR stakeholders to meet, share knowledge and experiences, and build the networks of trust that will be integral to strengthening AMR capacity at the country and regional levels.

1.5. Each Consortium Partner will deliver set outputs and outcomes to agreed budgets, against which they will be required to report activities and expenditure on a quarterly and monthly basis respectively. DocuSign Envelope ID: C4D7E1F9-9423-4120-B01D-F96617152A94

Fleming Fund – Ending Pandemics AMR Project Contract for SACIDS

Edited February 10, 2020

1.6. Contractor is also responsible for ensuring that they perform their services in compliance with Ending Pandemic’s obligations pursuant to the agreement attached as Appendix A and in compliance with applicable law. Contractor acknowledges that Contractor is not an agent of Ending Pandemics, Tides Center. Furthermore, Contractor is not an employee of Ending Pandemics, Tides Center.


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