Dr Filomena Namuba

Filomena Namuba BVM, MPH


Programme Manager, SACIDS Foundation for One Health

Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro, Tanzania


Filomena is the Programme Manager for the SACIDS Foundation for One Health (SACIDS)[1]. She is a Veterinarian and Public Health Specialist with 19 years’ experience of Project and Programme Coordination and Management, Health Promotion and Training in different public health and animal health, training and research programmes.

Since 2010, Filomena has been managing the SACIDS Secretariat and the SACIDS participating institutions in order to ensure effective, inter-sectoral, holistic collaboration on infectious diseases irrespective of species. She assists the Executive Director in the day-to-day management of SACIDS operations including Monitoring and Evaluation, Human Resources, communication, oversight on finance and procurement, management of consultants, meetings, workshops, travels, inter-institution linkages, supported by dedicated staff for Finance, Administration, Procurement, Research and Training Support, ICT and Communication. Filomena has managed large SACIDS projects including the Wellcome Trust African Institutions Initiative grant to SACIDS (GBP7.2 million), World Bank/Government of Tanzania grant to SACIDS Africa Center of Excellence for Infectious Diseases (USD6 million) and the Skoll Foundation grant to SACIDS for Strengthening COVID-19 expert support to national authorities (USD4 million).

Before joining SACIDS, Filomena had prior experience working in the NGO sector in Health Promotion, Training and supporting the implementation of a series of phone- and internet-based solutions to support critical information flows for health programmes in Tanzania.

Currently, Filomena is assisting the SACIDS Executive Director and SACIDS Programme Scientists in managing the process towards registering SACIDS One Health Social Enterprise (SOHSE) as a NOT-FOR-PROFIT spin-off/branch of the SACIDS Foundation for One Health (SACIDS), at Sokoine University of Agriculture. The SOHSE will act as an interface between hypothesis driven research into provision of expertise services alone or in partnership with others with expertise and experience for provision of expertise for the 3-Ps (Products, Policy, Practice) in Africa and beyond as appropriate.

[1] Founded as Southern African Centre for Infectious Disease Surveillance (SACIDS)

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