MSc One Health Molecular Biology

MSc in One Health Molecular Biology

This course focuses on practical skills and a thorough understanding on how to apply molecular biology to One health – an emerging discipline which promotes collaboration between the veterinary and medical professions.

It has been desiigned to train a new generation of African researchers to address the heavy burden and threat of emerging infectious diseases in Africa. The aim is to help generate discoveries which can potentially be translated into diagnostics or control methods to improve human and animal health.

Applicants for the course requre a basic degree in medicine, veterinary science, or a basic degree in bilogical sciences with a professional interest in health.

The course is administered by the Southern African Centre for Infectious Disease Surveillance (SACIDS) at Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), Morogoro Tanzania

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Upon completion of the MSc in One Health Molecular Biology, researchers will be highly- skilled professionals able to:

Demostrate knowledge and understanding of molecular biology techniques and their applications in the detection, identification and monitoring of infectious diseases of humans and animals

Demonstrate specialist knowledge for understanding how prophylactic or curative treatments or therapies for diseases may be developed through molecular research of host and pathogen genomes

Devise molecular biological approaches to find newer ways that will improve the health of humans, animals and our environment

Join international PhD programes or secure employment in academic and research institutions

The two-year full-time MSc course comprises a taught component during the first year of study and an individual research project leading to a dissertation during the second year.

Year I

Semester I. Students undertake the following core courses:

  • Research Methods
  • Statistics and data management
  • Advanced molecular biology
  • Immunology of infectious diseases
  • One Health medicine
  • Comparative genomics and bioinformatics
  • Techniques in molecular and cellular biology
  • Pathogen evolution and emerging infectious diseases

In addition students are able to choose at least on elective course of their professional interests

Semester II. Students receive mentoring to develop a research proposal, which must be presented to an academic panel for approval. The research proposals will be related, as far as possible, to One health themes identified in the main SACIDS framework, and will address:

  • Pathogen biology
  • Host pathogen interactions
  • Detection, identification and surveillance of disease
  • Biodiversity or environmental determinants of One Health

Year II

During the second year, the learning process will be pro-active and will include literature review, intensive laboratory work, statistical analysis and writing a dissertation.


The Msc in One Health Molecular Biology course will be offered at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Sokoine University of Agriculture. The Faculty, established in 1984, has a long experience of conducting postgraduate courses designed to satisfy the growing demand for veterinary scientists and related professionals. Research expertise includes clinical research, epidemiology, genetic diversity of pathogens and animal populations, immunology and diagnosis of infectious diseases. Although most research in the faculty addresses animal health, there are specific projects that address diseases of public health importance. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is recipient of numerous international competitive research grants, and, therefore, maintains scientifically dynamic environment.
The campus is located four kilometers from Morogoro town, which is surrounded by the beautiful Uluguru Mountains and offers excellent opportunities to explore Tanzania’s vibrant culture. The university environment is conducive to both academic and social pursuits, including sports, music and drama.
Courses will be taught by internationally recognized staff from Southern African institutions participating in the SACIDS consortium, developed in partnership with the UK’s London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHM), the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) and others, which offer world-class postgraduate programmes in health and related disciplines.
Experienced scientists from SACIDS institutions will combine strong capacity in molecular biology and One Health to provide a unique blend of professional knowledge and skills for the graduate of this innovative MSc programme. Initially, the course will target students from the Southern African region, but it is anticipated that it will be offered to students internationally in the futures years, in recognition of the global nature of margining disease threats.
Course Director: Gerald Misinzo
Phone: +255 23 2603511; +255 23 2613810
Mobile: +255787058805; +255767058805
Fax: +255 23 2604647
Address: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
                Sokoine University of Agriculture
                PO Box 3019